Tanjong Pagar Plaza

About Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is a commercial property designated for retail, rental, sale, and other commercial purposes. It is very easy to locate; in that, it is beside Amara and Carlton and City Hotel. It is located in a lively location that hosted historic traditional retail shops. Tanjong Pagar Plaza has about 130 shops offering a wide variety of goods and services catering to the residents’ essential need.

Catering to the educational need of residents are nearby schools like Inspiration Design School, Columbia Business School, and AusEd-UniEd Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is close to big malls and amenities e.g. 100am Shopping Mall and Vivo City for amenities like banks, retail shopping, and groceries.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza attracts a lot of tourists and people that love to gather collectors’ items because there are various shops that sell traditional handicraft and artisan items. The Plaza is a beehive of activities since people always visit the neighborhood for window shopping or bargains.

Situated nearer to the south area of Singapore, almost all essential household and business items are on sale at Tanjong Pagar Plaza or other places within a reasonable walking distance.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is the right place to purchase Chinese product at low prices, and you find great bargains on electronics, cosmetics, textiles, and clothes.

Tanjong Pagar Plaza can be accessed from the Ayer Rajah Expressway or the New Bridge Road.


Tanjong Pagar Plaza location

Tanjong Pagar plaza is located at District 2, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 080008.

Other shopping malls also located at the South area are: Burlington Square, China Square Central, Robertson Walk,Valley Point

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Getting to Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Tanjong Pagar Plaza is located nearest to Tanjong Pagar (EW 15) MRT Station.

There are several bus stops located nearby the Plaza at After Craig Road and Before Wallich Street. Bus services include: 80, 145.

Parking Charges:

Monday – Friday before 5/6 PM

$0.0334/minute from 7am to 4.59pm

Monday – Friday after 5/6 PM

$0.0167/minute from 5pm to 10.29pm

$0.0167/min up to a maximum charge of $4.00 from 10.30pm to 6.59am the following day


$0.0334/minute from 7am to 4.59pm, $0.0167/min from 5pm to 10.29pm, $0.0167/min up to a maximum charge of $4.00 from 10.30pm to 6.59am the following day

Sunday and Public Holiday

Free parking from 7am to 10.29pm

$0.0167/minute up to a maximum charge of $4.00 from 10.30pm to 6.59am the following day


Maximum charge of $4.00/day



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