Midview City

About Midview City

Midview City is a shopping mall and commercial property designed to serve as office rental, sale, and other commercial purposes. It is an integrated mega business hub in the central of Singapore currently occupying over 552,000 ft² of land.

There many bus stops that are serving Midview at present; however, more accessibility will be made possible by the completion of the Circle Line and Thomson Line very soon.

There are also schools in the vicinity of Midview City. Some of these schools are Whitley Secondary School, Ai Tong School, and Anglo-Chinese School (Sin Ming Dr).

Located in the central of Singapore, it is superbly easy to connect all key parts of Singapore from Midview City. Also, Midview City has access to a wide array of amenities like banks, retail shopping, grocery, food centres, recreation clubs, etc. Therefore, Midview City is very lucrative for business and use for office, as it offers great ROI.

Midview City location

Midview City is located at 18 Sin Ming Lane Singapore 573960. It is also located near to Bishan Point.

Other shopping malls also located at the Central area are: Change AlleyHigh Street Centre, Pearls Centre,The Centrepoint.

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Getting to Midview City

The MRT Station nearest to Midview city is Marymount (CC16) MRT Station. There are several bus stops located near to the building – Ai Tong School, Block 454 and opposite block 454. Bus services include: 52, 62, 162, 162M, 410.

Parking Charges:

Monday – Friday before 5/6 PM

$1.00/hr from 7am to 7pm

Monday – Friday after 5/6 PM

Free parking from 7pm to 12midnight

$6.00/entry from 12midnight to 7am the following day


Free parking from 7am to 12midnight

overnight charge from 12midnight to 7am the following day

Sunday and Public Holiday

Free parking from 7am to 12midnight

overnight charge from 12midnight to 7am the following day


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