What It Takes To Obtain An IB MYP Certificate

The IB MYP Program is an instructive program for students ages 11 to 16 in Singapore. The students in my program get 50 hours of guidance in each of the 8 subject gatherings consistently. The full program consists of 5 years of short projects. There are numerous prerequisites to offer MYP

  • Accepting approval From the IB,
  • Having Adequate Funding
  • Discovering educators that are willing and ready to focus on the extra requests

The MYP Certificate is awarded to the students after completing the program. In 2016, the MYP assessments will be the new form of the optional external moderation. In order to obtain the MYP Certificate, each candidate must complete at least one assessment in:

There is an award of MYP certificates for students of IB MYP in Singapore. This method was adopted in 2016. However, the student should focus on the eight major subjects.

If the students passed in each subject then they will be awarded the MYP Certificates. This is the best program for students of Singapore. Many students take part in these courses to gain experience in practical life. The student can build confidence in learning. The students are connected with larger classrooms around the world. The course can enhance the abilities and capabilities of students. Hence this program is offered in international school Singapore.

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