What Determines The End Result Of A Plastic Surgery In Singapore

Any qualified plastic surgeon Singapore will inform you that lifestyle factors play a critical role in alleviating short-term complications of plastic surgery Singapore and providing long-term satisfaction.

Before you meet your surgeon, consider the following factors that make or break the outcome of your procedures.

Smoking: No Smoking

About 45% of certified plastic surgeons limit the kinds of procedures they do on smokers. Carbon and nicotine decrease oxygen and blood supply to your tissues, which affects healing.

Furthermore, smoking harms the pulmonary system, raising the risk of fatal surgical complications. Most doctors will require you to stop smoking for about 30 days before and after the surgery.

Weight: Effects Plastic Surgery

The impaired immune system functioning, poor circulation, and nutrient deficiencies often linked to obesity impair healing. The perfect candidates for plastic surgery Singapore should be within 30% of their body mass index.

Your satisfaction is a consideration if you are obese. For example, most doctors find it quite successful with people trying to correct an isolated overgrown body part (like disproportionately large breasts or panniculus abdominal flab).

Alcohol Consumption: Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol intake affects your plastic surgery outcome in different ways:

  • Increasing bleeding risk due to thin blood.
  • Increasing swelling due to dilated blood vessels and dehydration.
  • Decreasing effectiveness of medications such as painkillers.
  • Interfering with healing due to disruption of collagen and cell migration.
  • Interfering with anesthesia as a result of the increase in the risk of breathing failure and internal bleeding.

Alcohol also impairs the long-term effectiveness of plastic surgery Singapore.

Sun Exposure: Affects Plastic Surgery

Avoiding or limiting sun exposure is especially vital for forehead lifts, rhinoplasty, facelifts, breast lifts, skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and scar removal surgery procedures. The sun might increase the swelling, bleeding, and inflammation after a surgery.

Moreover, changes in skin pigmentation due to the sun can also raise the risk of scarring and premature aging. Plastic surgeon Singapore recommends you keep the scare away from the sun for about 12 months.

Sleep Habits: Ensure You Sleep Well

Lack of sufficient sleep can affect you in different ways. For example, if you want an eyelid surgery, you might not get the ideal results because of insufficient sleep.

Sleepless nights make your blood vessels to dilate, decrease skin elasticity, disrupt new collagen, and accelerate tearing of the eyelid. Also, the way you sleep can interfere with the anti-aging results.

Diet: Watch What You Eat

Certain drinks and foods have been shown to interfere with bleeding time, anesthesia, healing time, and immune function and they should be avoided for about 7 days before and after the surgery.

These foods include garlic, ginger, green tea, flaxseed, gingko biloba, cayenne pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and coffee.

Ask your doctor what you can take before undergoing your plastic surgery.


There are other factors that can affect the outcome of your plastic surgery Singapore such as medication drugs, stress, and workout. Consult with your doctor on what to avoid before and after the surgery.

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