What Are The Various Chinese Wedding Traditions In Singapore

When it comes to marriages, there are certain traditions practiced depending on where you intend to celebrate this important event in your life. Here, at Amare’s wedding, you will learn more about the different traditions that followed in a typical Chinese marriage. By understanding these wedding traditions, you can understand their roots and identify the purpose of these practices that the older people in your family continue to recognize. Marriages are a type of tradition that dates back years. Each culture has ceremonial ceremonies for their families and friends to celebrate and celebrate a witness from a very different beginning. While such traditions have a long history, they are still relevant in the current era. “

Guo Da Li

  • Previously, a couple was not officially employed until the singapore Chinese wedding traditions or guo da li took place.
  • “In ancient times, marriages had mandatory steps, and they were the most important thing to symbolize a man to take a woman as a woman,” Geraldine said.
  • “It is often referred to as Gua Da Li as the main gift ceremony, and it is a formal meeting between the parents of the bride and the groom,.
  • “It takes two or four weeks before marriage and includes an incredible date for it. Then, his family presents gifts (there are 12 places to see their promise packages) that show prosperity and prosperity for their families. Ideally, everyone should present themselves in decent numbers for good fortune. Then, they are officially engaged. “
  • By accepting the gifts, they promise their daughter and will give her a dowry the same day to show her son-in-law thanks and goodwill in the future.
  • It usually includes some of his gifts, a set of clothes to symbolize a permanent union, a wallet with enough wealth and two hobbao for the well-being of his family and a large number of passages.

Hair combing or Shang tou

this shows the couple’s transition to adulthood. “A female relative makes good fortune, and the surviving husband, children and grandchildren, the night before the marriage, and after the couple came out of the water with a grenade or grapefruit leaves, they used a new pajamas well with slippers. Using a sharp comb for him and his salvation, a word of blessing is recited to bless his marriage because each person’s hair is explored three times. ”


to reach his wife, the Chinese boyfriend must face certain challenges set by his bridesmaids during the winter. This is also known as the victory of the bride. Bear gifts and a bouquet of flowers, the groom and his boyfriends began to pick up his wife. Before you can enter your home, you must complete the challenges set by the sirens. The most important thing is to let your hongbao price admit it. As soon as he takes his room, he lifts the veil and puts the bouquet on. Before leaving home, give and win with your parents.

Tea ceremony

An indispensable tradition, this is the formal presentation of the couple as new wines for their respective families and reflects their respect for all the years of love and care they have received. It usually takes place in their own homes, but some couples do the ceremony for both families followed at the venue and before the reception. They provide tea to their parents first and then to their other seniors. Lotus seeds and red dates for happiness in their marriage and good relations with their laws are usually found in sweet tea.

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