Ways To Keep Your Child From Vices In International Schools

Enrolling your child in an international school in Singapore is indeed an achievement as not all parents can afford the luxury to send their child to such a school. Though this may be a commendable feat, there remains a lot of challenges and one of the most key ones is how you can keep your child away from bad vices.

The reason why plenty of students in international schools have an access to a lot of money is primarily due to their wealthy parents, which gives them a lot of opportunities to spend the money on vices such as drugs, liquor, hookers and cigarettes. To ensure that your child doesn’t go down the wrong path, we have prepared a few ways that you can do to avoid that kind of things from happening.

Educate your son/daughter about the value of money

This is a great way to help your child build a mindset that money ought to be used wisely and spending it on unnecessary things like vices will not bring them any benefits at all. Additionally, it will just destroy their moral values and health as well.

By building such a mindset in them, they will understand the importance of money and know that they shouldn’t be spending it rashly. It will also instil a better spending behaviour in them as they will think twice before they decide to purchase anything.

Make sure they join the right club

Just like local schools with a variety of co-curricular activities or clubs to choose from, international schools are also similar in the sense that they provide a wide range of clubs. Particularly in Singapore, there are a lot of clubs that are present because of the variety of cultures that are present in the school, hence the management is constantly encouraging students to join different clubs so that they can mingle with other schoolmates to bond and develop their relationship with them.

However, it may not always be the case that your child will successfully join a club that has that exact intention. Some individuals are forming illegal organizations in international schools like gangs and mafia, so be sure to orient your child on what types of groups are appropriate for him or her. Or better yet, you can give a few suggestions to your child if they are passionate or interested in a particular activity, for instance, if your child has a passion for music or soccer, you can get him or her to join the music club or soccer club.

Set a curfew for your child

Though it may be quite restrictive at a certain point in time, it is one of the most effective ways that you can impose on your child to prevent them from getting exposed to vices, as most of them happen at night or even after school.

Remind your child from time to time that you only have the best intentions in mind for them when you want them to return home as early as possible, as it is the best way for them to avoid any untoward accidents that might happen if he or she is still outside late at night. Get them to understand that forming the habit of staying late at night outdoors will only expose them to vices that will eventually ruin their future, and even allow them to be more prone to become a victim of crimes.

On the other hand, it helps to build trust between you and your child, just make sure to allow them to go out once in a while as long as they inform you beforehand with proper evidence. You do not want to end up breaking the bond that you have with your child if you become too strict with them.

Tell your child to choose his/her peers wisely

There is a saying that says your friends reflect the personality that you have, and in most cases, this is true most of the time as your friends become a reflection on what you do and how well you behave as a person. Get them to understand that the people that they hang around with will eventually determine their actions and behaviour at the end of the day. When one chooses to hang out with a bad sheep, they will be exposed to a lot of harmful vices and bad influence, and turn out like them.

So it is always essential for you to emphasize this as it will certainly impact their behaviour and decisions in the future.

Now that you have an idea of how to keep your child away from bad vices, it is time for you to disseminate the information onto them before it is too late to do so.

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