Try Something New At Your Next Photo Booth Session

Almost all guests get a little bit excited when they see an instant photo booth in Singapore. After all, photo booths provide every guest with an opportunity to pose for a photograph with friends, family and other people they meet at the party or event. It’s a perfect chance to gather a bunch of your close friends and take a picture to remember the occasion. Even better, each photograph is completely free! You don’t have to pay a single cent to take a photograph, and you can get your own copy of all photographs taken. What’s not to like?

The next time you encounter a wedding photo booth in Singapore or a corporate photo booth, you can consider trying out these things to enhance your photo booth experience even further.

Use all the props you can find

The best photo booth in Singapore will provide you with a large variety of props to play with. When you take a picture, you can use these props to decorate your face or to create comical images with your friends. With props, you can transform the entire photograph, and poke fun at your friends playfully. Props can greatly enhance the fun and creativity that can emerge from these photographs. Using a toy sword, a wig or a mask will change your appearance. Try using props to make your photo booth experience a different and enhanced one.

Challenge your friend!

What’s more exciting than a little friendly competition? Photo booths, if used correctly, can be a good source of competition between friends. Challenge each other to take the funniest picture. When the picture is taken, share it on your Facebook profile and see who gets the most reactions. With the best instant photo booth in Singapore, pictures are automatically and instantly uploaded onto Facebook so you’ll have no problem downloading and sharing your photos online. Who knows? Maybe this photo booth challenge will be the one thing that sticks in your mind.

Take as many pictures as you like!

One of the attractive features of the photo booth experience is that you can take as many photos as you’d like. This means you can experiment with different poses, props, and take photos with different groups of friends. What’s more – all of these photos will be uploaded online, and you can email the photos to yourselves immediately after taking them. This instant nature of photo booths makes it undoubtedly an amazing experience for all types of guests, whether it’s a large family, coworkers or close friends.


Photo booths are a fun and exciting way to spend a bit of free time with your friends and family members at important events like weddings. Each picture that you take expresses your commitment and bond between you and your friends. With these instant print photos, you will even also feel the instant gratification that comes from receiving a specially printed photo, with a special backdrop to remember the event by. Photo booths are surely a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

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