Tips to Optimize Space for Your Warehouse Management

When you’ve exceeded space within your warehouse and business is growing, finding extra room can be tricky. You can either look for additional warehouse for rent or make the best out of the situation.

The size of your warehouse can have an effect on the growth of your business. It is crucial that your facility can support a smooth workflow so you can also deliver better customer experience. There are ways in which you can completely utilize all the open space in a small warehouse. Here are a few tricks of the trade you can incorporate into warehouse management to optimize space.

Re-evaluate your layout

If you stick to the initial layout plan, you might fall prey to running out of space. It’s important that you completely re-evaluate your current layout. Look at all aspects, including receiving and outsourcing of goods, rack configuration, inventory organizing, slotting, and replenishment. Analyze the current flow of your space to re-evaluate which parts of the warehouse are not fully utilized.

Floor space planning

Usage of the current floor plan of your warehouse is unique to your business. If you find that your floor space is exceeding its capacity, your vertical space can be utilised to adopt a highly stacked rack system. Shifting racks a few centimetres to one side of the warehouse can open up a spacious section for a new vertical rack system. As long as employees, ladders, and forklifts can move freely in between racks, you can shift them to maximize the space for storage and picking.

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Review your warehouse organisation

A vital part of warehouse management is organizing your items. You can transform your processes to be much efficient and avoid taking up more space than needed. Add pick slots onto bigger racks in order to store smaller items, allowing you to optimise the full capacity of the rack.

The work areas in the warehouse should also be well-defined and organised. For instance, production receiving and packing areas should be kept separate, and the floor should clearly indicate paths for forklifts and pallet jacks. This helps to promote a safer work environment as well. Having an ancillary office within the space is also useful to have an overview of the entire warehouse and the processes involved.

Stock placement

Re-evaluate the placement of your stock and merchandise. Boxes and items that aren’t taking up much space or are smaller in size can be stacked on smaller racks. Move the bigger items in areas that have higher ceiling space and larger racks. You can also place them in the order of demand – fast-moving products can be placed nearer to the packing areas.

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