The 4 Must-Know Factors For Choosing Start-Up Office Space

With new start-ups popping up in different sectors like e-commerce and technology daily, looking for a hip office space for start-ups can be challenging. Currently, there are lots of start-up firms in 2019 as compared to the end of the previous year. Moreover, start-ups nowadays are getting good investments that are assisting them in setting up their business. Should you be a start-up searching for an office space to begin your work, here are a couple of aspects you have to think about when deciding on an office for rent.

Size and location

Location is the first thing you need to be worried about while choosing an office space for lease in Singapore. It’s got plenty to do with your company; it’s usually an advantage to get an office space in a populated business area or notable business district of a town. However, it requires a greater investment, though it is certain to pay off over time. Moreover, should you be expecting to grow as a start-up, and add a couple more workers to your team, you have to think about choosing a space that could accommodate the number.

Design and infrastructure

The investment going into an office space for rent is considered to be worthwhile when it has a well-built layout, car parking space, accessibility to clients, and also use of different facilities such as a conference room. You might also need to check if the building is safe from hazards while bearing in mind the standards set by authorities. The building must also have emergency exits to facilitate quick exit for workers in case of an emergency.

Amenities available

It’s not surprising for you to want to see the facilities available. It’s essential that an office rental in Singapore provides you with all the basic facilities to allow it to be conducive and work-friendly for employees. Developed facilities incorporate a well-serviced lift (when your office is at a high-rise), safety plan, stairway as well as electrical support. Office facilities such as a cafeteria, convention room, as well as clean, well-maintained washrooms are a few of the fundamental prerequisites.

Lease term

As soon as you pick a business office rental to settle into, the very first thing to accomplish would be to look at the contract. Ensure you sign the contract agreement only when it accommodates your start-up’s development strategy. Getting an expert to read through the lease may also be of great help in deciding if a space is desirable to you or not.


Renting an office is an important decision to make because it involves an enormous investment of budget as well as time. However, bearing in mind the above-listed points, you will undoubtedly find the best office space that brings trustworthiness to your company while sending out the impression you’d like to customers.

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