How Early STD Testing Can Benefit You And Your Partner

Visiting a clinic is a familiar action. We always do so when we get sick. If we feel ill, we would take a trip to a nearby polyclinic or a General Practitioner (GP) to see the doctor. Afterwards, the doctor would prescribe you treatment or refer you to a specialist if they are unable to provide treatment in the clinic. The idea behind visiting a clinic is simple: you get treated for an illness that you have.

Many Singaporeans, however, have not considered visiting an STD clinic in Singapore. STD clinics are critical to visit if you suspect that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or if you are at a high risk of contracting such diseases. STD clinics specialise specifically in STD prevention, tests and treatment. Visiting an STD clinic will provide you with specialised treatment for STDs.

If you are still unconvinced, here are 3 reasons for you to take a visit to an STD clinic and get tested for STDs.

1. Sexual health is part of your overall health

When considering your personal health, sexual health plays a big part too. If you are facing certain issues with your sexual health, it is likely to impact your overall well-being. For instance, if you have an STD, it is likely that you will experience symptoms such as pain in the genitalia, rashes or even fevers. If you only address those individual symptoms without treating the underlying cause, then the symptoms may return. Some STDs, such as syphilis, may even advance to further stages if treatment is not sought at STD clinics. Whether you think you have an STD because you are displaying symptoms or if you engage in high-risk sexual activity, you should get tested at STD clinics for your sexual and overall health.

2. Getting tested prevents transmission between you and future sexual partners

If you lead an active sex life with multiple partners, getting tested does not only protect you – it protects your sexual partners as well. If you know that you have an STD, you should abstain yourself from all sexual contact until that STD is cured, in order to prevent that STD from spreading to your partners. It is also important for all your sexual partners to get tested for that same STD, in the event that they had contracted it too. If you test negative for STDs, you can continue having sex with a peace of mind.

3. Receiving treatment early can mean a difference between life and death

Some STDs, if left untreated, can develop serious complications. For instance, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can wear down the body’s immune system and make the body susceptible to diseases like the common cold. Syphilis, a bacterial STD, can lead to conditions such as blindness and deafness. Complications of STDs such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia could lead to infertility if left untreated. Getting tested means that you are able to access treatment early, which is crucial to preventing complications later on.

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