Customised Canvas Bags: A Corporate Gift With Lasting Impact

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your appreciation to employees, clients, or business partners. But year on year, as you give out these little trinkets and wares, it might start to feel a little repetitive as you run out of gift ideas.

But fret not! That’s what we’re here for. As a corporate gifts supplier, we continually update our catalogue with new items that are practical, and offers you tons of customisation possibilities.

One evergreen option for corporate gifting are bags and pouches. The sheer number of types of bags and pouches is enough to give you ample options for your company’s next gift item. What’s better is that you can mix-and-match these bags with other items! Here are some ideas of how you can use bags and pouches as your corporate gifts:

Design for style

Inserting your brand logo is easy enough – and works well for increasing brand awareness – but if you really want more people to use these bags or pouches you gift, it would be worthwhile to put in more thought into designing it well.

Instead of just your brand logo, consider incorporating some stylish design elements like graphics or typography. If people truly love the design, they are more likely to bring the bag or pouch out, and let more people see it!

Build a package

Receiving an empty bag or pouch is one thing. But what if you also fill the bag or pouch with some goodies your recipients will love? A lot of school open houses do that: Simply fill up a drawstring bag or tote bag with school essentials like a folder, notebook, and pen.

You can build your package according to a theme. For example, you can pair a travel pouch with a portable charger, or fill a pencil case with a memo pad and your brand’s corporate pen with logo. This way, your recipients will get more value out of their gift!

Go green

The right packaging for your corporate gift also matters in making a good impression. But with a bag or pouch as part of the gift, you can go green and do without the extra packaging!

You can even go a step further by centreing your gift items around the theme of eco-friendliness. Throw in a customised cutlery set, reusable straws, or collapsible cup for the ultimate ‘green’ gift package!

Consider your audience

Bags and pouches are something that everyone will probably have a use for – but how you design them may not be for everyone. When designing your bag or pouch, don’t just keep in mind your brand image, but also who you are designing it for.

For example, you would design a gift pouch for a children’s event differently from how you would design a tote bag for your business partners.

And that’s it! These 4 handy tips should serve you well for your next corporate gift project. For more gift ideas, you can look at some of our past projects, or consult us for design advice. Looking for items you can add into your gift package? You can consider getting these custom tissue packs or custom-made pins in Singapore!

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