All You Need To Know About Renting The Perfect Photobooth

Are you organising an event with many different attendees? It is possible that your event will benefit from having an instant photo booth, where guests can take photos together and have them printed out instantaneously. In Singapore, it is actually very common for event organisers to rent professional photo booths from local companies. Wedding photo booths in Singapore are also very trendy, especially among weddings for millennials. Photo booths are a valuable asset to the event, as they provide guests with a precious memento of the experience. All items that come with the photo booth – custom backdrops, amazing props and unlimited prints of each photo – come at a fixed price to the event organisers. You won’t need to provide anything other than the time and place of the event!

If all that sounds like an enticing opportunity, then this starter guide is for you. In this article, you’ll find out what to look for when finding the perfect photo booth vendor and other essential things to know about hiring a photo booth.

Searching for a photo booth vendor

Shopping for a photo booth vendor may be the slightly more tedious aspect of this process. The good news is that it is easy to tell if a photo booth vendor is professional in their work. You would definitely only want a vendor who is trustworthy and reliable, so that you can depend on them to get their job done. One way is to look at past clients of the photo booth vendor. If they have been previously employed by large, reputable corporations, then they are more likely to be a good vendor for your event.

In addition, you should look at their past portfolio. Well-taken photographs would be good proof to show that the photo booth vendor is professional. When hiring this vendor, you will likely see similar results – they will probably use similar lighting and photography equipment. If you love the photos that one vendor has taken, then it is likely that is a good vendor for you.

If you have trouble finding a perfect vendor, they are the perfect company to start at. They are reliable and professional photo booth vendor with the best photo booth prices – you’ll certainly be satisfied with the variety of value-added services, which include livestreams of pictures taken at the booth, and an unlimited number of prints at the event. They will certainly not disappoint!

Some guidelines for good locations to place the photo booth

When you have decided on a photo booth vendor, the next step is to direct them to the perfect place for them to set up the booth during the event.

Generally, photo booths should be placed in indoor areas with decent lighting. Outdoor areas are strongly discouraged as unpredictable weather could damage the photo booth equipment.

For weddings, most organisers place their photo booth near the reception area, as that is the area that most guests frequent. In larger event spaces, you can consider dedicating a space for the photo booth. Ideally, have a space that is next to a source of power so the photo booth can be operate with electricity. Avoid areas near the washroom or kitchen if possible to prevent any mishaps.


When you find your perfect photo booth vendor, then you’re all set! Enjoy one of the best new photo booth solutions at your event!

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