A Cornerstone Of Every Successful Wedding: The Perfect Venue

Deciding on the venue for the wedding is one of the first things to be taken care of in wedding planning. If you are looking for good wedding reception Singapore venues, you can find numerous choices.

However, identifying the right venue can be overwhelming with such an enormous choice. And further you have to consider influencing factors like the d├ęcor, vendors, attire of guests and budget. To help you decide easily and opt for the right venue here are some useful tips.

How Much Do You Want to Spend

The budget is the first factor to consider. You have to first decide on the amount you want to spend for the venue. Research on the various venues and their rates. Find out the amount you can set aside for the location you want. Remember that the venue budget should not exceed half of the entire wedding budget.

Decide the Guest List

This is another influencing factor in choosing the venue. Since wedding reception Singapore venues differ in size, you have to first make a list of guests and find out if the venue you have chosen will accommodate them. Remember to make a lower estimate as adding guests is easier than deduction.

Visit the Venue

Make sure you visit the venues you have shortlisted. This will help in assessing the table set up, the stage, band area and other aspects of the wedding.

When you have considered the above three criteria, choosing the wedding reception Singapore venue will be a breeze. Family and friends can also pitch in to give advice on the right venue.

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