A Concise Guide To Picking The Ideal Corporate Pen

In our tech-savvy society, writing by hand is still a requisite skill, so gifting a pen is always the right choice. No matter how digitalised the world has become, many people still rely on writing down notes, reminders and lists. Which is why pens make excellent corporate gifts. Not only is it compact, but it is also practical and lasts for many days.

When you give people a corporate pen with logo, you’re promoting your brand and making a lasting impression on receivers. Although the space on a pen is limited, make sure to use them wisely! Without a doubt, information like your business name and logo should be included. If you’re planning to utilise pens as corporate gifts, here are three pointed tips for you!

Type of pen

Before beginning, you need to decide on a type of pen. There are many kinds of pens, but we’ll focus on three popular ones:

1. Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pens use thick and non-water-based ink that does not thin out while writing. True to its name, there’s a rotating ball at the tip that dispenses ink when in use. Ballpoint pens are dependable and easy to maintain. Hence, it’s suitable for everyday use.

2. Rollerball pen

As the water-based ink takes little effort to flow, rollerball pens provide a comfortable writing experience. Essentially, rollerball pens are like a combination of ballpoint and fountain pens. Some people prefer this to ballpoints due to the pleasing flow of ink. On the other hand, some prefer ballpoint as the ink dries more quickly, reducing the chances of smudging.

3. Fountain pen

Fountain pens contain water-based ink that can fluctuate as the ink thickens when not in use. As compared to ballpoint and rollerball pens, fountain pens make the recipient feel extra special. This pen is suitable for signing official documents as the thin and precise lines offer a smooth and luxurious appearance.

Features of the pen

Consider factors like the weight of the pen, size, ink colour and grip. For general purposes, choose a pen that is comfortable to use and ergonomic. A little goes a long way. So, here’s a small thing to note: If the recipient is left-handed, select a pen that dries fast and does not smudge easily.

Represent your brand

No matter how small, pens should still reflect the ethos of your business. If you think about it, it will be represented in the hands of potential clients. If your business is tech-related, opt for a multifunctional pen that features a stylus. If you’re from an events company, you can consider a banner pen for a quirkier touch.


Keep in mind that giving corporate gifts are a way to show your appreciation to others. Although a pen may be small, it still makes for an effective and kind gesture. Pens are something that people carry with them most of the time, in places like their bags and pencil cases. From a marketing perspective, the pen acts as a little reminder of your company every time the person uses or sees it. Choosing a good quality pen reflects well on your brand image, and also leads to positive mental associations with your brand.

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