4 Handy Maintenance Advice To Keep Your Curtains Longer

Curtains are always there for you when you need them most, protecting you from a face-full of light as you wake up in the morning, or saving you from the blinding glare of the Sun against your computer screen. They are also great decorative pieces and can complement the furniture, flooring, and wallpaper. While there are many beautiful and high-quality curtains, no matter how brilliant the curtains are, they still need adequate maintenance to look their best. The last thing you want is to release a cloud of dust every time you draw the curtain.

But don’t fret, because maintaining your curtains doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some simple, but effective tips to keep your curtains looking the best that they can be.

Vacuum your curtains

If you can tolerate the noise, vacuuming is absolutely necessary to keep your curtains dust-free. Depending on the fabric, curtains can collect dust rather quickly, so you should vacuum them often. At a minimum, you should aim to vacuum your curtains once a month, but if you are big on cleanliness, feel free to go for more.

You can use a brush attachment to the vacuum head for the best results, as that will make it easier to get the dust off the curtains. For the most fashionable curtains, be wary of any delicate embroidery or decorations, as those should be handled with care and vacuumed around.

Wash your curtains

Using a washing machine or washing by hand are good ways to keep your curtains looking brand new, but be sure to check that they are washable. In general, cotton and linen curtains are machine washable. Sheer, silk, laced, or otherwise embellished curtains should be washed by hand due to their delicate nature. Wash these curtains very gently.

Before placing the curtains into the washing machine, ensure that all accessories are removed. To be extra careful, put the curtains in a mesh bag to prevent fraying and damage from the washing machine spin. Cold water and mild detergent would be best for most curtain types but do your research beforehand.

Another convenient alternative is to send your curtains in for dry-cleaning. Be sure to engage with a reliable dry-cleaning service, as they will be qualified to clean up your curtains without damaging them.

Sunlight limit

As any good curtain company in Singapore will tell you, you should always consider the amount of sunlight your curtains will be exposed to before making your purchase. Light-coloured curtains are your best bet for windows that see a lot of sunlight as they reflect the most light, making them resistant to discolouration. Dark colours absorb the most light, so they discolour easily and need some protection.

To protect your more expensive curtains from sunlight damage, you can add another layer of sheer curtains behind them. This provides a shield from the brunt of the sunlight. You can also consider using lined window treatments, which could even confer additional benefits like water resistance.


While entirely optional, ironing is a great way to make your curtain to look crisp and pristine. Not all curtains can be ironed though, so check with your provider first. Iron on the reverse side to be safe. For puckered seams, spray some water and pull very gently to stretch the seam back to size. Do not pull too hard, or you may break the stitching.

If you are uncertain on which of these techniques to employ, don’t worry, talk it out with your trusted curtain company in Singapore. It may take some effort, but the results are well worth it. Clean curtains can brighten up the room, even as they keep the sunlight out.

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